The new Scientech 12000 series combines advanced performance and features in a very attractive price. This high quality digital balance is designed to meet the demanding needs of labs and schools for accurate weighing results. The model features an exclusive displacement detection system and an intelligent digital servo that offer superior weighing performance. With a readability of 0.1mg, this laboratory balance can detect the smallest increments of mass. It also comes with a draft shield to prevent disturbances from air currents and vibrations. This electronic analytical balance price is ideal for a wide range of application in laboratories, including density determination, sample preparation, formulation, and pipette calibration.

High-performance METTLER TOLEDO ML-T analytical balances with internal calibration deliver the essential functionality and solid performance every lab needs for precise, reliable results. The ML-T’s large optimized color touchscreen is operable even through gloves and includes the sophisticated MonoBloc weighing cell with ProFACT automatic internal adjustment technology. These robust laboratory balances are built to last with a metal base and a high quality finish. They are designed to resist overloading and anti-vibration and include a spill tray for easy clean up. Built-in applications simplify your everyday weighing tasks and the results protocol feature confirms that all critical weighing conditions were met. The StaticDetect and ionizing module ensure your samples are free of static charge that can interfere with correct results and the StatusLight and LevelControl features monitors all the critical weighing conditions to give you confidence in your weighing results. electronic analytical balance price

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