Originally composed by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt and lyrics by Gus Kahn, Dream a Little Dream of Me was first recorded in 1931 by Ozzie Nelson and his orchestra. The Mamas and the Papas’ version of the song in 1968 catapulted it to greater popularity. Over the years, countless artists have covered the song and made it their own, showcasing how versatile the piece is. From jazz to rock, the song’s timeless words and melodic tune have touched countless hearts, inspiring people from all walks of life.

The song was also featured in the Netflix series Stranger Things, when it was played on Victor Creel’s radio as a way to escape Vecna’s psychic manipulations and the cursed dreams that came with them. The inclusion of the song was an homage to Robert Englund’s iconic acting performance as Freddie Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise, which inspired whole generations of horror and fantasy fans.

The song was covered by many different artists, including the Mills Brothers, Sylvie Vartan, Henry Mancini, Anne Murray, Erasure and Michael Bublé. English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams recorded it for his tenth studio album, Swings Both Ways (2013), as a duet with Lily Allen. However, she was omitted from the single version released on 13 December 2013 and the track was simply titled “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. It was also covered by Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjebo and French singer Enzo Enzo for their albums. lyrics for dream a little dream of me

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