Dometic pretty much invented RV refrigeration in the 1950s and they still have one of the most comprehensive lines of absorption fridges on the market. They have a range of sizes to suit any type of vehicle and offer whisper quiet absorption that makes them easy on your car engine.

Most dometic refrigerators have a digital display that allows you to easily set the temperature and other settings, while reading the battery monitor status and more. They also have a button that displays a Celsius or Fahrenheit readout. These digital controls allow you to conserve power and lower the fridge’s power use and battery protection settings, so that your vehicle’s battery doesn’t get discharged while the fridge is running.

Another nice feature of Dometic fridges is that they can reverse the direction that the lid opens. This makes it easier to place the fridge where you want in your camper or truck and it also makes removing food that has been there for a while much simpler. The troll-like shape of these fridges are also better for carrying compared to other compressor models. Their shorter shape is lighter and they’ll bash against your legs less than a larger cooler might.

A digital multimeter is a handy tool to keep in your camping gear bag for troubleshooting your Dometic fridge or other electrical components on your RV. Always check that your fridge is turned off and unplugged from power before you start opening access panels or removing parts, and remember to use rubber gloves and wear safety glasses whenever working near electricity. norcold camper ac

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