A commercial air cleaner is the most appropriate solution for spaces that have high traffic and need a strong filtration system. These units are more robust than residential models and are able to clean the air in large rooms at a higher rate while maintaining low noise levels. In addition, most are designed to be self-contained and feature a variety of filter configurations so they can cater to specific needs like the removal of chemicals or odors.

In an environment with a constant stream of people coming and going, the chances of germs being spread are much higher than in a home. As such, a high-quality commercial air purifier is an ideal investment to keep the health and safety of your employees or customers at the forefront of your mind.

Choosing the right commercial air cleaner for your business will depend on your space, but you should always look for a unit that has a high CADR rating. This number is a measurement of how many times in an hour the entire volume of a room’s air is replaced with fresh, clean air. Generally speaking, larger spaces require a more powerful unit to achieve a high number of air changes in an hour.

A medical-grade HEPA filter is a great option for most spaces. This type of filtration can capture both dust particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from paint, fuels, and plastics. This can prevent exposure to dangerous viruses and bacteria, as well as alleviate respiratory problems.

Other types of filters that can be beneficial in a commercial setting include activated carbon and UV-C. These are both effective at removing VOCs from the air, which can cause headaches, nose bleeds, and eye irritation. Additionally, these filters can kill bacteria and mold in the air, making your business a safer place to work for everyone.

If you choose to purchase a DIY air purifier for your business, make sure it is placed in a clear space so that the air can easily flow over and through the device. In addition, it is best to avoid placing it inside of a closet, as this can limit its effectiveness.

Also, if you decide to use a DIY air cleaner with bipolar ionization, you should make sure it is UL 2998 standard certified safe for ozone, as this method has the potential to create harmful byproducts that can be damaging to your business and may cause respiratory issues for those who are sensitive. If you’re interested in finding the perfect commercial air cleaner for your business, contact us today to discuss your options. One of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to help. Our team can help you find the unit that is best suited to your needs and ensure it is properly installed. We can also provide maintenance and warranty services to meet your business’s unique needs.

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