For anyone who drinks iced coffee year-round, the right cup can make all the difference. A good iced coffee cup keeps your drink cold and has room for at least 12 ounces of liquid plus ice, and many models also feature sip lids or a straw lid. Some even have a splashproof base that reduces noise, slips and spills when you set your beverage down on a hard surface.

The best iced coffee cups have double-wall insulation, which prevents heat transfer and keeps your beverage icy cold. Some have a durable borosilicate glass construction that can withstand sudden temperature changes between -68degF and 212degF. This is a more expensive option than plastic, but the glass can hold up to heavy use and resist cracking.

Some iced coffee cups have an ergonomic design, with handles that fit comfortably in your hand and an easy-to-grip texture that provides an excellent grip. Others have a stainless steel finish that feels cool to the touch and can withstand hot or cold beverages. Some have a lid that is designed to be leakproof and fits tightly, while others are designed with an easy-to-open hinged top.

You can purchase iced coffee cups in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials, from simple white ceramic to elegant glass. Some models have a fun design, including bright prints or holiday-themed ornaments, while others are simply designed to look sleek and modern. If you’re looking for a cup with extra functionality, consider getting one that has a built-in stirrer, which allows you to mix your cold coffee without letting the ice melt.

For an iced coffee with a bit more substance, try using a darker roast or a double-shot of espresso. You can also add whipped cream and a topping like dulce de leche to the top for a dessert-like treat.

Another option is to make your own iced coffee at home, which can be cheaper than purchasing it from a cafe. Cookie and Kate has a great step-by-step tutorial for how to make cold brew coffee, which is brewed overnight in the fridge through thin coffee filters. This method of brewing produces a richer flavor than regular iced coffee and requires just a few ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

There is also a growing movement toward sustainability and it’s becoming more common to see iced coffees served in sustainable, recyclable, or compostable plastic cups. One popular choice is PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate and has the resin identification code of 1. These takeaway cups are robust, cost-effective, and fully recyclable. They’re also a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper cups, which absorb condensation from the cold beverage and soften over time. The cold temperature of a beverage can also cause water spots, which can weaken the structural integrity of the cup. With PET, this condensation forms on the outside of the cup, allowing it to retain its structural integrity. These features have made PET the preferred material for iced coffee takeaway cups, and it’s widely used by companies such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

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