The mp4 players come in sizes that range from 256MB to 10GB. The bigger the size,Choose mp4 players with care Articles it indicates that higher will be the storage. There are some models of mp4 players that even have the option of flash memory.

The battery life is another very important feature. This determines the amount of time the mp4 players will be able to function properly. Also, make sure that the mp4 players come along with an AC/DV adapter. This will allow you to recharge the battery quickly. Most of the MP4 players today come with these adapters.

Next feature is the size of the MP4 players. These have different sizes. Some mp4 players have larger screens than others. Some of these have video playback and recording capability. The LCD screens of most MP4 players come in sizes of 1.8”, 2”, 2.5” as well as 3”. The bigger the LCD screen on the MP4 players, the better will be the viewing quality. The price of mp4 players tends to increase with LCD screen size. It is definitely worth paying a bit more for quality MP4 players.

The next factor to be considered is the AV/IN and AV/OUT capabilities along with the Line in recording. Ensure that the MP4 players you wish to purchase are able to support at least one or both of these ports. This would depend mainly on your needs. It should be able to support both NTSC as well as PAL. This feature in mp4 players will let you playback video images or movies from the MP4 Player to your TV screen. This feature will also allow you to record TV programs or movies onto your MP4 players.

The next factor you need to consider is USB connection speed to the PC. This will affect the rate at which you will be able to upload movies; images as well as audio mp3 files from your PC to the mp4 players. All the latest models of mp4 players today support high speed USB 2.0 transfer.  Many others even support Firewire.

The Mp4 players have many other features including FM tuner, audio recording capability, besides small notebook functions among others. So you need to check the specs of the MP4 players yet again. Ensure that you receive chargers, software converting CD’s, besides AV adapters and earphones along with your mp4 players. You need to purchase the MP4 players that suit all your needs.  youtube shorts downloader

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