The good news is that, with some time and practice, it’s possible to build a career from voice over. This is a great option for people who want to be their own boss and work from home. The industry is competitive, though, so it takes a while to get established and build enough work to support yourself.

Voice over is a form of acting that is recorded in a studio to create an audio track for use in video, film, and radio. It’s also used for commercials, explainer videos, and more. Some famous examples include Sir David Attenborough’s narration of documentaries and Morgan Freeman’s work in audiobooks.

Choosing the right voice over for your project requires attention to several factors. Besides having an engaging tone, the voice actor must sound natural and credible, which can be difficult to achieve. They must be able to deliver the emotion required and ensure that the script is easy to understand.

It’s also important to find a way to protect your mental health, especially when you are spending hours alone in the booth. Audiobook narrator Ilyana Kadushin recommends taking frequent tea breaks, keeping your mouth closed as much as possible to avoid sibilance (ess sounds), and focusing on posture and positioning to reduce fatigue.

Finally, you must be prepared to spend a lot of time marketing yourself and reaching out to potential clients. As with any business, it costs more to bring in new clients than to keep existing ones happy, so it’s essential to prioritize marketing. voice over

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