You might not expect to go shopping for jewelry at a museum, but Montreal’s lovely, locally-focused arloca (boutique and bookstore) shines the spotlight on an array of dazzling baubles from artisans both here and abroad. From dainty rings that gently grace your fingers to lustrous necklaces and smart-looking watches, this boutique’s selection is vast, eye-catching, and price-wise, very doable.

This upscale, made-in-Montreal company offers a curated selection of handpicked natural gems that artisans craft into jaw-dropping, I-need-that kind of creations. Expect sweet pearl cuffs, stunning diamond necklaces and standout signet rings to leave you feeling ever the sophisticate. Atelier LAF’s expert eyes and flair for finesse also produce metal and mineral magic in the form of sculptural architectural artworks, courtesy of master-class jeweler Roland Dubuc, who kicks origami up a few notches by taking single sheets of silver or gold and folding them into sophisticated, sculptured works of art.

In this elegant, unpretentious little boutique owned by husband-and-wife team Jean-Luc and Stephanie, you’ll find a range of lovely original creations and custom jewellery services including engraving and repair. The couple is extremely helpful and attentive, ensuring you’re walked through the process step by step, from choosing a design to finalizing details.

Affectionately known as ‘Mamma’s Place,’ this artisanal workshop offers up a profusion of beauty that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Expect delicate, darling rings that’ll have your heart fluttering, plus an abundance of dried and fresh florals, colourful prints and other whimsical designs.

This family-run business is more than a place to buy a pretty pendant or statement ring – it’s a community hub where the owners are committed to helping their local artisans and designers succeed. The shop features a wide variety of Afro, Urban and Vintage fashion items and jewellery from more than 120 diverse sellers, all while providing an enjoyable shopping experience for customers and creating employment opportunities for the city’s creatives.

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