PC gaming can be an expensive hobby. It’s entirely possible to spend tens of thousands on a high-end gaming rig, but most gamers prefer to spend their money wisely. That’s why the best budget gaming pc is such an important part of the market. This category of prebuilt desktop computers provides a good value for those who want to play the latest video games with ease.

Most of the best budget gaming pc offer fast processors and powerful graphics cards for smooth gameplay on modern titles. Most offer at least 16GB of RAM, which is plenty for multiple browser tabs and a few video game installations, and they can easily be upgraded with new RAM sticks in the future. They also come with a storage drive that’s faster than the older hard disk drives that come in many laptops and tablets.

Some models come with a dedicated GPU, which is an improvement over the integrated GPUs in most laptops and tablets. This allows them to run demanding video games at a higher frame rate. They also tend to have more USB ports for connecting external accessories and peripherals. They’re also built to be upgradeable, with extra RAM slots and storage drive bays that can be used for future upgrades.

It’s worth noting that cheap gaming pc typically cut back on the flashy gaming aesthetic in favor of a simple design and affordable hardware. That’s a good thing for those looking for a PC that will serve as a work machine, too. It’s also worth avoiding PCs from smaller or unknown brands, as they may not have the same customer support options available should you ever need to return a defective or unsatisfactory PC. best budget gaming pc

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