Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many services have been forced to adapt. This includes family mediation, which has now largely moved online. Some services are offering sessions via video conference call which is more convenient and flexible than in person meetings. Some are even able to offer reduced fees as they don’t need to pay for meeting rooms and travel expenses.

Despite the challenges, online family mediation seems to be working well for most people. However, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of this approach before you start searching for a mediator.

The main benefit of family mediation online is that you can fit it around your schedule. This is especially useful for parents who have children because they can set up appointments that work with their childcare responsibilities. It can also help those who have work commitments, as they can choose to mediate before or after work instead of during the day.

In addition, online family mediation is typically cheaper than in-person sessions. This is because the overheads of a private provider are lower than that of a government-funded service, which must pay for meeting rooms and travel costs. This means that you could save a considerable amount of money on your divorce.

Another advantage of online family mediation is that it can be a more convenient option for those who are living interstate or overseas. This is because it is easier to access an internet connection and a reliable computer, rather than having to book time off work to travel to a mediation session in person.

As with in-person sessions, online family mediation sessions are usually run by a registered family mediator and focus on issues such as child custody, parenting time, and property settlement. The mediator will guide the discussions and ensure that both parties are able to express their views and concerns about the issues at hand. They will also assist the couple to find solutions that are mutually acceptable and may suggest ideas that they had not considered before.

During an online mediation, both parties can communicate with the mediator through a messaging program that is designed specifically for family mediation. This allows the parties to send each other messages and documents quickly and easily, which can be very helpful for families that are undergoing a difficult separation or divorce. Many family mediators also make this messaging platform available to their clients after the mediation, so that they can continue to communicate with each other outside of the mediation process. It is important to ask the mediator whether their program allows them to keep pre-mediation communication confidential. This will ensure that your partner can’t read your responses before you have the chance to discuss them during the actual session. This will prevent them from taking advantage of you and making unfair demands. family mediation online

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