Auto cold drawing machine is an industrial equipment for producing metal tubes and bars with high precision and strict tolerance. It can be used to make round, hexagonal, square or profile metal tubes and bars with different wall thickness. In addition, the machine is capable of re-sizing the material to specific diameter and length. The machines come with a wide range of options including grafiling, pointing and bending, allowing manufacturers to control the size of the metal bar or tube.

During the process of cold drawing, the material is drawn through a series of dies with gradually decreasing diameters. As the material passes through each die, it is squeezed and deformed, which reduces the cross-section of the metal. The draw machine also applies a back tension to the metal to prevent it from breaking. Depending on the type of material, cold drawing can produce a hard, solid solution strengthened alloy with different mechanical properties.

The drawing process can be performed experimentally or with the help of a mathematical model. The accuracy of the model depends on the values of technological parameters entered into the program as constant real values, such as the friction coefficient and the die half-angle. Also, the model should take into account lubrication conditions and the influence of the metal-to-metal contact area on the energy-power parameters.

Generally, the drawing machine is equipped with a draw bench that has an automatic feeding table. It is also fitted with a receiving tank frame, push rod device, core rod lifting platform, mandrels front and back adjusting device and drawing die holder. It also includes a main drive device, discharge conveying chain device and automatic collecting rack for finished tubes.

A grafiling machine is also attached to the draw bench, which allows for a grafiling operation to be carried out on the cold drawn metal wire. This helps to create a smooth, polished surface for welding. It is a good idea to use a special high-quality lubricant when working with a grafiling machine.

The system can be modified for special applications, such as for producing springs or concrete reinforcement. The machine can even be used to manufacture electrowelded mesh for reinforced concrete structures. The system has a very simple design, allowing for easy maintenance and operation. Moreover, it is very cost-effective to operate. Compared to other methods, such as hot rolling or forging, the cost of the cold drawing machine is significantly lower. It is also highly efficient and safe to use, which makes it a reliable choice for industrial production lines. This is a major advantage for companies looking to save on operational costs. In addition, it can be easily customized to fit the needs of each customer. Horenco provides more information about the new line of swaging, cold drawing and straightening machinery on its website. For more details, customers can visit the site to learn about the different models and features of each machine and contact the company directly to place an order or receive a quote.

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