A fire pump is the engine that drives water into a sprinkler system. This highly pressurized water is necessary to keep the hydraulic design of fire suppression systems working properly. The fire pumps available for sale at Feld Fire are designed to increase the pressure of a water supply to meet the demands of a building or space. The selection of the correct fire pump depends on a number of factors, including potential fire hazard and availability of a suitable water source.

Portable fire pump are used in places that truck-based pumps can’t reach. They are typically powered by gasoline or diesel engines and operate using either air or water as fuel. The type of fuel is determined by the application and requirements, with petrol (gasoline) pumps preferred for fire fighting applications. Diesel pumps are generally used in industrial environments that require a low emissions and quieter operation.

Angus Fire has a range of portable pumps to suit your needs, from small petrol and diesel models up to large units with high capacity and higher pressure. All are fully self-contained with a choice of pumping heads and hoses to fit your STORMforce trailer. Most are centrifugal pumps driven by a 4-cycle engine with replaceable wear rings and bronze impellers, which are hard-anodized for low weight and durability.

Lightweight category portable fire pumps are a popular choice for smoke jumpers, interagency hot shot crews and forest, home and cottage protection. They feature a single stage low maintenance gearbox, which reduces the need for routine inspections and maintainence. These units are light in weight and provide high performance with a power to weight ratio second to none.

Heavy-duty category portable fire pumps offer a larger engine and higher pressure to handle the more demanding jobs for firefighters and industrial users. They are commonly used for long distance hose lays and for high elevation areas. These units are also useful for refilling booster tanks on apparatus.

The selection of the correct portable fire pump is based on a number of factors, including potential hazard and available water supply. It is important to select a unit that can be easily handled by your crews and meets world wide regulatory standards governing exhaust emissions and sound levels.

All Angus Fire portable pumps are built using a quality, robust construction with a hard-anodized finish for durability. They are fitted with a replaceable wear-ring and a bronze impeller that can be easily inspected and maintained. This allows for an extended service life and low operating costs. portable fire pump

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