Angel figurines are a wonderful way to add warmth and serenity to your home. They make thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

Artist Susan Lordi uses simple forms and expressive gestures to create wooden figurines that speak of love, healing, and hope. Whether you are celebrating a new baby, a wedding or anniversary, or a holiday, an angel figure is a gift that will be treasured.

Willow Tree

Willow Tree has a wide range of angel figurines that communicate a variety of sentiments. Their works are meant to inspire feelings of comfort and reassurance, with their beautiful artistry and minimalist design. They are also a great gift for a loved one going through tough times, as they are a reminder that they are not alone. This type of sculptures are also perfect for decorating a home, especially as gifts to family members and friends.

The Willow Tree angel of Prayer by Susan Lordi is a graceful and attractive piece of art, with a delicate appearance and a candle in her hand. This mixed media angel is made of resin and is designed to be placed on a tabletop or mantelpiece. It can be personalized by adding a message on the base. The wings are made of wire, and the figure can be dusted with a soft cloth or brush.

Other popular angels from Willow Tree include the Promise and Together pieces, which are both carved in the round. The former is a perennial favorite for newlyweds, who often give it as an engagement or wedding gift. The latter is an iconic love piece that symbolizes the eternal bond between two people.

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BURTON+BURTON is the world’s largest all-occasion wholesaler focusing on balloons, floral supplies, coordinating gifts and home decor. Their team of talented designers creates unique and innovative products that are both inspiring and functional, resulting in the highest quality products. Their products are sold throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

The company has a strong commitment to their customers, employees and community. They are involved in several charity organizations, and host events to raise money for local causes. In addition, they sponsor a program called Ballooniversity, where their employees learn how to make beautiful and unique balloon designs. In 2022, they hosted a Balloon Showcase where people in the local Athens, Georgia, community could see the breathtaking designs created by their employees. The proceeds of the showcase were donated to two local charities, the Boys & Girls Clubs and Extra Special People.

Founder and President Maxine H. Burton has led her family-owned business with great pride since it began over 40 years ago in a garage flower shop. Her ingenuity and hard work have transformed it into The World’s Largest Balloon and Coordinating Gift Supplier, and she takes particular pride in elevating women in the industry. Her love of her family is evident in the way she treats her employees and celebrates their families at picnics, parties and other company-sponsored events.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a one-stop shop for holiday decorations. The retailer’s Christmas section includes everything from gingerbread men tree toppers to a light-up birch bark angel. The site also offers a range of reindeer serving trays and nostalgic dinnerware. If you’re expanding your gnome collection, the retailer also stocks several attractive gnome ornaments and stocking holders.

A faceless design and intricate gown make this embroidered fox angel tree topper a classic. It’s made from felt, with glittery gold and silver stitching that will cast shimmering light on your tree. This piece comes with a spiral cone for easy installation and a fitted box for safe storage angel figurines suppliers

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