An ice cube machine is a godsend if you like to entertain. These countertop machines can supply a good amount of fresh-looking, fully formed ice in just about an hour. They can also make more ice as needed, so you don’t have to keep filling a tray with water. The type of ice your machine makes also matters: you can choose from small, medium and large nuggets or hollow bullet-shaped cubes. The shape you pick will affect how quickly the ice melts, as well as whether it disperses evenly in a glass.

The best countertop ice makers produce clear ice that’s crisp and chewy, a favorite of drinkers. They’re easy to use, with a simple interface and indicators that tell you when your water tank is low or the ice basket is full. They also tend to be quite quiet, though some models can be noisy for longer periods when they’re making a lot of ice.

If you’re a fan of nugget ice, this machine from GE is a great choice. It produces a high volume of ice, and it’s a breeze to clean and maintain. A handy feature is the ability to connect it to Wi-Fi, so you can program it and control it from a smartphone or tablet.

This Insignia makes two sizes of ice cubes, including bullet-shaped ones that are popular in some bars. It’s quick and affordable, and it can be used as a portable option for camping trips or dinner parties. It does require an occasional cleaning and sanitization, which is usually done by pouring a solution of equal parts water and vinegar into the container. ice cube machine

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