Adopting a pet in The Sims 4 can be quite straightforward if you know where to look. There are countless stray pets around Brindleton Bay and Salty Paws Saloon waiting to be adopted.

Some may not be particularly friendly, but you can get them to become friends by using “Offer Friendship” followed by “Give Treat”. Additionally, taking them to a vet for a quick checkup won’t hurt either.

How to Adopt a Pet

Pets in The Sims 4 are an integral part of life for your Sims. Pets provide them with companionship, entertainment and even income sources. Adopting pets not only allows your Sims to fulfill their animal-loving dreams but it also helps stray animals find furever homes!

The initial step in adopting a stray is to find them and become their friend. Many locations around Brindleton Bay, such as the beach area, Salty Paws Saloon or near the vet’s office have plenty of strays to choose from. Once you get to know them better, select “Adopt” from their social interactions in order to bring them home with you.

Strays are randomly generated and can be found on both community and residential lots. They tend to gravitate toward certain objects inside the home, such as full food bowls or pet houses.

Some strays possess unique personality traits which make them more endearing. You can alter these characteristics by selecting the ‘Cas’ identity panel and editing its contents.

Breeding and selling pets in The Sims 4 is possible, though there are a few requirements you should take into account.

If you want to breed cats, it is necessary for both of their parents to be your friends. Otherwise, your efforts will likely be in vain.

You can also use the Create-A-Pet tool to design a cat or dog that proudly represents your hometown, school or community with local colors. Once created, these pets can then be offered up for virtual adoption in our Gallery.


Strays are pets that belong to no Sims and can be found on community lots and residential estates, just like townies can be befriended or adopted.

Strays were first introduced in The Sims: Unleashed and have made multiple appearances ever since. They tend to visit community lots more often than residential ones, as well as certain lot traits like cat jungle or dog park.

There are various ways to attract strays, such as leaving food bowls full and providing pet houses. You could even entice them with a stray gnome in your home!

During Pets: A Sim’s Best Friends Week in November 2012, one of the most fascinating strays was added: Ginger Tabby. This quirky cat has earned itself an impressive 4 Pet Stars rating.

With some training and discipline, this critter can become an excellent house pet. However, it’s probably best not to let it roam the neighborhood unsupervised. A stray with low Fun and Social levels will likely get lost while one with too high a level may starve to death.


The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion pack is the newest addition to EA’s beloved franchise. With this DLC, players can adopt, train, and care for cats and dogs while also introducing Brindleton Bay as a new coastal area in the game.

This update introduces the revamped Create-A-Pet feature, allowing you to customize your pet’s breed, colors and markings in order to create an individual canine or feline. Plus, paint them using a stencil system featuring various geometric designs!

One of the best parts of Create-A-Pet is customizing your furry companions in the game. There are dozens of cat and dog breeds to choose from, each offering their own traits such as giftedness or goofiness; on the other hand, a Siamese might have hyperactivity or laziness on display.

To truly customize a pet, be sure to take them to the veterinarian for checkups and treatments. Not only will this make them healthier, but also help them age down into puppies or kittens while healing any ailments they might have.

On November 10, 2012, The Sims 4 Pets expansion pack will launch for PC and Mac players. This exciting update boasts an improved Create-A-Pet system as well as many adorable new pets to cuddle and play with. Players are sure to have a blast testing out new cat and dog breeds, plus explore all of the ways you can paint their paws and eyes!


Pets in Sims 4 are lifelong friends, sharing their lives with your Sims and providing them with unique experiences. From playful dogs and cats to caged animals, pets provide a new avenue for your Sims to express themselves creatively and socialize.

Create-A-Pet allows you to customize cats and dogs into as sweet and cuddly as desired, with various breeds and unique markings available for selection. Or go for a more daring style with expressive outfits and accessories tailored specifically for them based on their personality.

Training is a crucial aspect of adopting a pet and will enable you to mold them into the behavior you desire. You can teach them basic commands such as sitting, shaking, rolling over, and playing dead; as well as other beneficial behaviors for their new home.

Owning a pet is an investment, so you must properly train them. For best results, reward your pups when you click the camera with treats!

You can teach them to be less clingy by decreasing their ‘Friendship’ trait and teaching them patience. If you don’t know how, ask a pet trainer in-game for assistance.

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