Achieve abundance in your life with this bracelet made from agarwood for balance and cinnabar for prosperity. It’s a subset of a 108-bead mala and features a brass feng shui coin symbolizing wealth. Handmade by survivor artisans from Blessed Hope Nepal in the Himalayas, it’s designed to help them earn a fair, sustainable wage and empower them to create a prosperous future for themselves. The stretchy bracelet measures 7.25″ and is ideal for all wrist sizes.

Manifesting Abundance Bracelet
A bracelet made with green aventurine and brown beads to symbolize two small fish and five loaves (as described in the Bible story of the miracle of the loaves and fishes). Green aventurine is a stone that attracts abundance, luck and good fortune. It is also known to help manifest money, wealth and success. Pyrite is another manifestation stone that helps to increase your personal power, and encourages perseverance in overcoming challenges.

Lastly, citrine is a very powerful manifestation crystal that can attract wealth and prosperity, and boost your self-confidence. It encourages joy, happiness and creativity, as well as inspires a more positive outlook on life.

We suggest wearing your bracelet on the right hand, as it is a symbolic gesture of giving and receiving. It is important to cleanse your crystal bracelet regularly, to remove accumulated negative energy and keep it charged with your intentions. Please note that crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment and should be used as a compliment to your holistic wellness journey. abundance bracelet

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